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Rymax Cookie Statement

Rymax Lubricants uses cookies to improve your user experience on our website(s). Here you will find all the information on our cookie policy.

1. What are cookies?
Rymax Lubricants uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer’s hard disk drive after a visit to our website. In these little files is data stored about, for example, your preferences. When you return to our website, we can use this information to optimize your visit.

2. What cookies do we use
Below you will find a list of the current cookies that we use on our website.

2.1 Functional cookies 
Rymax Lubricants uses functional cookies. These cookies are used to make our website function in the designed and best way. In other words: these cookies are necessary for delivering the desired services of our website.

Craft CMS
Our website operates on the software of Craft CMS. Craft uses cookies and these are necessary to use the website. They are essential for the correct functioning. The cookie stores uses- and session data.

Sort: functional (essential)
Name: Craft Session ID
Storage period: 1 year maximum
Sharing: there is no personal data shared or stored
More info: https://craftcms.com/privacy

These cookies are used for optimisation of website speed and security.

 functional (essential)
Name: __cfduid
Storage period: 1 year maximum
Sharing: there is no personal data shared or stored
More info:https://www.cloudflare.com/cookie-policy/

Cookie message
We use this cookie to remember your preferences when you last visited us. Without this cookie the message if you want cookies or not cannot be permanently closed.

functional (essential)
Storage period: 27,5 year maximum
Sharing: there is no personal data shared or stored
More info:https://www.rymax-lubricants.com/privacy

Google Maps
Google Maps is a map-service that is offered by Google. Google Maps offer cookies to remember your preferences and to anonymously analyse the visitor behaviour on our website.

 functional (essential)
Storage period: 20 year maximum
Sharing: there is no personal data shared or stored
More info: https://policies.google.com/privacy

2.2 Tracking and Analytical cookies
Rymax Lubricants uses analytical cookies. With these cookies we analyse how visitors use our website. For example: we can see what pages are viewed often and what pages are viewed for longer periods of time or attract returning visitors. We use this information to better adept our content to the needs and wishes of our visitors.

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics for several purposes. For example we use it see how you have found our website and how you navigate through our website. This way we can optimize the user interface and experience. If you don’t allow this, we will not be able to place the cookie.

Name: _ga, _gat, _gali, _gid
Storage period: these cookies are removed after closing the page
Sharing: Rymax has disabled the option to share this data. Google will therefore not share this data with third parties.
More info:https://policies.google.com/

Rymax Lubricants has a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with Google. Besides that we have chosen to hide the final octet of the IP-address. Also we do not make use of other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookie. Rymax Lubricants heeft een verwerkersovereenkomst met Google gesloten. Daarnaast is gekozen voor het maskeren van het laatste octet van het IP-adres. Ook wordt er geen gebruik maakt van andere Google-diensten in combinatie met de Google Analytics cookies.

We use Hotjar to analyse the performance of our website. By doing this, we can improve your user experience and the usability of the website. This way, you’ll be able to better search and find the desired content and use it for you purposes.

analytical (tracking)
Name: _hjIncludedIn
Storage period: 12 months maximum. Name or other personal data is never stored
Sharing: there is no personal data shared or stored
More info:https://www.hotjar.com/privacy

This cookie registers what pages you visit. This way we can serve you relevant advertisements  on our (partner) websites. We can also register how often you have seen our advertisement and if you have clicked on it.

Storage period: this cookie comes from Google and is removed after 12 months maximum.
Sharing: Rymax has disabled the option to share this data. Google will therefore not share this data with third parties.
More info: https://policies.google.com

Rymax Lubricants uses Facebook to show relevant advertisement. Also we measure when you perform specific actions on our website. For example when you fill in a contact form. 

 analytical/ tracking
Name: _fbp
Storage period: this cookie is removed after 12 months maximum
Sharing: Facebook doesn’t automatically share data with third parties
More info: https://www.facebook.com/privacy

Lead Forensics
Rymax Lubricants uses software to detect and recognize businesses visiting this website. Based on available IP-information we detect and enrich the visit with legally available business information such as business name, website, phone number, address information and, if available job roles. The information gathered by Lead Forensics is only used for business-to-business means and is never used for targeting individual persons. We collect this data based on legitimate interest in our services. The data is used to optimize our website content and further develop our product portfolio. In some cases a Rymax Lubricants representative may approach your business based on your visit indicated as legitimate interest. 

Sort: analytical/ tracking 
Storage: The data held within the Lead Forensics CRM system is processed and stored in the UK within a secure environment. Lead Forensics has a continual cycle of cleansing and refreshing data contained with our CRM system, all data is verified at least once in a 12 month cycle.  Any invalid records are placed into a deletion queue, which is then securely purged four times in a 12 month period. The data is not stored by Rymax Lubricants. 
Sharing: In relevant cases, Rymax Lubricants may forward your company details to our partners in other countries. Under no circumstances your data will be shared with third parties. 
More info: https://www.leadforensics.com/privacy-policy/

3. New cookies
If Rymax Lubricants adds new cookies, or when we change our cookie policy, we will always ask for your permission for the usage of these cookies. The only exception is when a specific cookie is marked as essential by the Dutch cookie-law.

4. Questions and feedback
At Rymax B.V. we regularly check our Cookie policy and check if it is still compatible with the latest privacy regulations according to law. If you have any questions about our Cookie policy or the way our website functions due to these setting, you can contact us via: 

Rymax B.V. Delweg 8
6902 PJ Zevenaar
+31 (0)318-740856

Last reviewed: Zevenaar, 11-10-2019