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  • Car Culture: Rwanda
    Car Culture: Rwanda

    ​In Rwanda people consider a car as their mean of transport, only few rich people consider buying nice cars as leisure, ambition or just their way of living a luxurious life . In Rwanda as most African countries people would rather hire someone to wash their cars every morning at their homes rather than taking their cars to a nice carwash, only companies that have public transport cars and few people who can afford it take their cars to professional car wash.

  • When do you need to change your transmission fluid?
    When do you need to change your transmission fluid?

    Previously we have talked about what transmission fluid is, this time we will talk about the importance of changing your transmission fluid. Transmission fluid serves as both an oil and as a hydraulic fluid. It is both lubricating and cleaning and supports gear shifts, cools the transmission and lubricates the moving components.

  • Car Culture: Bangladesh
    Car Culture: Bangladesh

    In our new blog series ‘Car Culture’ we explore different views of cars. We will see what cars mean to people, what popular cars and car sports there are, and how they treat their cars in different countries.

  • Nitrogen or compressed air in your tires, which one is better?
    Nitrogen or compressed air in your tires, which one is better?

    ​There are many discussions about whether nitrogen or compressed air is better to use in your tires. Using nitrogen is known for certain benefits such as a more stable tire pressure over the long term, less changes in pressure with different temperatures and fuel saving.


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