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  • What does the JASO oil specification mean?
    What does the JASO oil specification mean?

    JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) is an organization consisting of major vehicle manufacturers in Japan. It was created as the Japanese equivalent to the API (American Petroleum Institute) specifications because those were not suitable for the unique specification needs of modern Japanese engines. The API specifications are constructed for automobile engines but not for motorcycle engines.

  • What products are used in a Can-Am Maverick X3 driving in the Moroccan desert?
    What products are used in a Can-Am Maverick X3 driving in the Moroccan desert?

    During the Morocco Desert Challenge the Can-Am Maverick X3 had to endure a lot of dust, high temperatures, heavy impacts, and dirt. All parts had to perform perfectly without hesitation because Herman and Marnix had to depend on their equipment for 100% during this challenge. That’s why the best ‘ingredients’ were chosen to help push the Maverick to its limits.

  • The differences between GL-4 and GL-5
    The differences between GL-4 and GL-5

    When you are choosing a transmission or gear oil you might be wondering what GL-4 and GL-5 mean and what the differences are between these two classifications. Choosing the right classification is extremely important since they both have different properties and wrongful use could lead to serious damage to your vehicle.

  • Car Culture: Malaysia
    Car Culture: Malaysia

    In our blog series ‘Car Culture’ we explore different views of cars. We will see what cars mean to people, what popular cars and car sports are, and how they treat their cars in different countries. This time Kevin will tell about the car culture in Malaysia. He is from Rymax Malaysia and lives in Kuala Lumpur.


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