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Rymax Lubricants Product Packaging Updates - Drums

Following the update on the bottles and labels of our smallpacks (1-, 4-, and 5-liter) and the labels on the 20-liter pails and drums, we now introduce the next big step in our Product Packaging update program: the Rymax drum! 

The Rymax Lubricants 60-liter, 205-liter and open-lid grease drums as well as the open-lid grease drums of Rymax Lubricants have received a complete update. The new drums now feature a more modern design with sharp lines and shapes, a bigger Rymax logo, an innovative QR-code leading directly to the Rymax website and a smart integration of the Dutch flag, emphasizing the important roots of our company. 

The new packaging is launched and introduced to global markets from December 2023, and its implementation will be carried out progressively throughout the year and next year (2024). Consequently, previously manufactured 60-liter, 205-liter and open-lid grease drums may still be present in your local market. It is important to note that although the product packaging has been updated, the oil products contained inside remain entirely unchanged.

We are very proud that this icon of the lubricants industry: our drum, is now updated according to the rest of our assortment.