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Building a truck from scratch … with a mid-engine!

We are proud to welcome Eimbert Timmermans to the Rymax Racing Team. In April he will participate in the Morocco Desert Challenge with a truck that he is building completely by himself. And that’s not all… this truck will be the first one to participate in a rally with the engine not in its usual place but in the middle!  

Since he was a young boy, Eimbert Timmermans has had a passion for engineering. He started with building sidecars and participated in various championships in sidecar motocross. He won the Dutch National Sidecarcross four times and the World Championship two times. When he was about 30 years old he got bored with this and wanted to do something different. That’s when he started a transport company. With the same passion he had for building sidecars, he built up the company to one with a fleet of 20 trucks. 

After 10 years working day and night he got approached by Tonnie van Deijne who wanted to participate in the Dakar, which back then was still in Africa, and wanted Eimbert to join as mechanic. And that’s what he did. He joined the service truck and participated in the rally for the first time. 

After several years, the dream of building a truck became reality when he in 2010 built 3 new trucks together with Frits van Eerd. In 2011 they joined the rally as the XDakar team, which they continued to do for 5 years. A year ago, Eimbert sold his company and is now building trucks full-time. 


For many years he had the idea in mind to build an engine in the back of a truck based on the idea of a Volkswagen Beetle. To change the weight distribution and to change the position of the front in order to create more comfort on the inside of the cabin. Eimbert: “I’m no man of writing things down, the whole idea is in my head. I started it and am solving problems on the go. Everyone who comes here and sees what I’m doing is looking at it with their mouth open. Some even say that I’m crazy!” But that only challenges him more, so we are looking forward to see this project of him coming to life.

Stay tuned to follow his story from an idea in his head, to the first rally truck with a mid-engine! 

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