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New product names in Rymax line

In order to bring more simplicity to our the Rymax-line we have changed several of our product names. Products remain
the same, only names are adjusted.

In this table you are able to find the old- and new Rymax® product names.

Helios SAE 40Atlas SAE 40
Helios SAE 50Atlas SAE 50
Helios SAE 15W/40Scylla SAE 15W40
Helios SAE 20W/50Scylla SAE 20W/50
Helios XR SAE 10W/40Helios SAE 10W/40
Helios XR SAE 15W/40Helios SAE 15W/40
Helios XR SAE 20W/50Helios SAE 20W/50
Helios XT SAE 15W40Orion SAE 15W/40
Helios XT SAE 20W/50Orion SAE 20W/50
Posidon XR SAE 0W/40Syrinx SAE 0W/40
Posidon XR SAE 10W/40Syrinx SAE 10W/40
Posidon XR SAE 5W/40Syrinx SAE 5W/40
Posidon XT SAE 5W/30Syrinx SAE 5W/30
Apollo C1 SAE 5W/30Heradon C1 SAE 5W/30
Apollo C4 SAE 5W/30Heradon C4 SAE 5W/30
Apollo FE SAE 0W/20Orpheus FE SAE 0W/20
Apollo FE SAE 0W/30Orpheus FE SAE 0W/30
Apollo FE SAE 5W/20Orpheus FE SAE 5W/20
Apollo FE SAE 5W/30Orpheus FE SAE 5W/30
Apollo R SAE 10W/60LeMans RS SAE 10W/60
Apollo R SAE 5W/40LeMans RS SAE 5W/40
Apollo R SAE 5W/50LeMans RS SAE 5W/50
Motrax 2T TSC-1 RedMotrax TSC-1 Red
Motrax 2T TSC-2 RedMotrax TSC-2 Red
Motrax 2T TSC-3 Motrax TSC-3
Motrax 2T TSC-3 RedMotrax TSC-3 Red
Motrax 2T FS RedMotrax FS Red 
Motrax 2T SS RedMotrax SS Red 
Motrax 4T SAE 20W/50Vitrax SAE 20W/50
Motrax 4T SS SAE 10W/40Vitrax SS SAE 10W/40
Motrax 4T FS SAE 10W/40Vitrax FS SAE 10W/40
Motrax 4T FS SAE 10W/60Vitrax FS SAE 10W/60
Motrax 4T FS SAE 5W/40Vitrax FS SAE 5W/40
Motrax 4T FS SAE 5W/50Vitrax FS SAE 5W/50 
Endurox HD SAE 10WTethis HD SAE 10W
Endurox HD SAE 30Tethis HD SAE 30
Endurox HD SAE 40Tethis HD SAE 40
Endurox HD SAE 50Tethis HD SAE 50
Gevitro TO-4 SAE 10WPandora TO-4 SAE 10W
Gevitro TO-4 SAE 30Pandora TO-4 SAE 30
Gevitro TO-4 SAE 50Pandora TO-4 SAE 50
Gevitro TO-4M SAE 10WPandora TO-4M SAE 10W

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