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New Products: two types of Scooter Gear Oil

Two new products have been developed and added to our range: the Gevitro GL-5 SC 80W/90 and Gevitro GL-5 SC FS 75W/140. The abbreviation SC in these two products shows that these products have been especially formulated and designed for use in scooters. 

These gear oils are formulated with paraffinic base oils and additives providing excellent protection against metal-to-metal contact of the gears under all circumstances. The additive technology prevents corrosion, oxidation and foam building and has excellent thermal stability. The ‘Extreme Pressure’ properties provide extra protection against wear. The performance of these products is superb in all temperatures for a perfect all-season coverage which ensures outstanding gear-changing and a longer service life of the oil. They are very effective in reducing transmission noise and fully protect the gears and bearings.

The gear oils come in a newly developed user-friendly 120 ml packaging with an easy pour tip and contains exactly the right amount of gear oil for scooters. Both types are suitable for 2-stroke and 4-stroke scooters where the Gevitro GL-5 SC 80W/90 is especially suitable for smaller scooters and the Gevitro GL-5 SC FS 75W/140 for bigger, more powerful scooters.


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