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Copper Grease

Prevents wear and sticking at high temperatures

Copper Grease



Automobile, Transport, Deux roues, Compétition, Agriculture, Mine

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  • Ne laisse aucun résidu.
  • Hautes propriétés de dissolution.
  • Nettoyage sans démontage.
  • Imperméable.


Rymax Copper Grease is a premium quality copper anti-seize and thread lubricant that may be used to prevent seizing, corrosion and galling where high temperature conditions exist. Rymax Copper Grease contains a high percentage of micro-fine copper flakes in a semi-synthetic grease carrier and is fortified with high quality rust and corrosion inhibitors. The operating temperature ranges from – 40°C up to + 1.100°C.


  • Brake parts
  • Exhaust parts
  • Screwed connections, which are exposed to high temperature
  • Battery Poles
  • Thread of Spark Plugs
  • How to use?
    Before use, carefully read the directions on the packaging and act accordingly. The aerosol should have room temperature. Best processing temperature 5 to 30°C. Before use, shake the aerosol. Apply copper spray. The specific lubrication property is achieved after evaporation of the solvent (approximately 1 minute).

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