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Vitrax SS

Semi synthetic 4-stroke engine oil

Vitrax SS


  • API SL


Deux roues


  • A basse température ce lubrifiant créé rapidement un film d'huile offrant une bonne protection au moteur à froid.
  • Malgré les charges extrêmes entre les engrenages, la viscosité reste suffisamment élevée pour construire un film d'huile fort, même à des températures élevées.


Vitrax SS is a modern, semi-synthetic oil without friction modifiers, specially developed for optimal lubrication of 4-stroke motorcycles. This oil can also be applied in motorcycle transmissions where an SF or SG oil is recommended. Vitrax SS is suitable for touring, racing and cross applications and offers excellent protection against wear, sediments, sludge and oxidation under all circumstances.

Vitrax SS has a very high viscosity index, which results in an optimal viscosity at both cold starting conditions and heavy loaded conditions. Vitrax SS reduces the consumption of fuel and oil. It prevents slipping of clutches and has been formulated according the latest requirements of the leading motorcycle constructors. Because of its specific formulation, this oil offers excellent protection for gear wheels and wet brakes.

Disponible dans

  • 0.25L
  • 0.3L
  • 0.4L
  • 0.5L
  • 1L
  • 4L
  • 5L
  • 20L
  • 205L
  • 1000L
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