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New! Lemans RS SAE 0W/40

Next to the Lemans RS SAE 5W/40, SAE 5W/50 and SAE 10W/60 we now introduce a new grade, SAE 0W/40. This new viscosity grade 0W/40 of LeMans RS will perform with high excellence even at extreme low temperatures.

During racing conditions, the high output engine is used at high rpm and can reach extreme temperatures. The Racing engine oil plays a crucial role to provide protection of the engine. Using some state-of the-art base oil Poly-Alpha Olefins PAO, LeMans RS engine oil provides an outstanding thermal stability, high lubricity and protection against oxidation. Moreover, blended with high performance additives, LeMans manage to reduce wear and friction, increase engine efficiency and provide cleanliness.

For more information about the specifications of this products, and the rest of our Lemans RS racing line please check the productpage.

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