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The Strong Vikings at Rymax!

On Saturday the 23rd of June the Strong Viking Run – Water Edition took place at the Berendonck in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The Strong Viking Run is an obstacle run in which people will have to complete a trail with obstacles such as running through mud trenches, sliding down a 12 meter high fjord drop, and going through a bath with ice. Team Rymax was there with friends to participate in this challenging obstacle course. Part of the team took part in the Lightning category which consisted of 7K with 20 obstacles. Others chose for a longer course in the Warrior category with 13K and 39 obstacles. The goal of the run was not to be the fastest one crossing the finish line but to conquer the obstacles together and to help each other face these challenges. Luckily everyone made it to the finish line, making the Rymax Team true Strong Vikings! Steyn and Marije share their thoughts on this experience:


Looking at the obstacles of the Viking run beforehand , it sure promised to be a challenge for team Rymax! 13 kilometers of mud, sweat and tears. But we managed to survive, leaving no Viking behind. All in all it was a great experience and we had a lot of fun doing it. – Steyn

One day before the run I took Erik’s place because Erik was on Holiday. There was one ticket left. It would be a sin not to use it. So no preparation for me…. Therefore I only did 7 km with the Viking run.  Not the first time so I knew what to expect…. A lot of water, mud, fun and lot of blue spots afterwards. A perfect place to see your colleagues in a different environment. Some are very driven to be the best, others are trying to have as much fun as possible.  What’s left is (beside the bruises) is a lot of nice pictures in embarrassing  poses and facial expressions you don’t want anybody to see . – Marije 

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