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Our Story

In 1987 the story started with the establishment of VPS International in the Netherlands. As a private label lubricant brand, VPS supplied customers all over the world. With a growing customer base, VPS launched its first own brand in 1998; Rymco Lubricants. After a few years, the Rymco brand evolved and was renamed as Rymax Lubricants. Throughout the years, Rymax Lubricants experienced an enormous growth and expanded its product portfolio and its network of distributors. Nowadays, Rymax Lubricants produces around 1.000 different products for customers in more than 55 countries, shipping over 1.000.000 metric tons of lubricants worldwide.

Heritage & Milestones

We are proud of our heritage. With the biggest oil company in the world, the Royal Dutch Shell, Holland is a leader in the oil industry. The innovation, research, and state-of-the-art technology that Holland offers, has enabled us to grow and evolve into an outstanding lubricant brand. With an advanced infrastructure and efficient logistical facilities, Holland is the perfect location to get our products all over the world. Whether we ship by boat, train, or truck, our products are shipped fast and cost efficiently, complete with all the required documentation. Designing and producing in Holland signifies a high standard, both for our products as well as for our services. That is why we are honored to say: Made in Holland.

During the years, we have celebrated many milestones together with our partners: sponsoring acclaimed events such as the Morocco Desert Challenge and Gatebil, welcoming Fredric Aasbø as our official Rymax Brand Ambassador, launching the Rymax Apollo ECO Line, and hosting various successful editions of the Rymax Experience. Our success is based on the valuable relationships we build with all of our partners, one that is build on trust, communication, and authenticity. From the people working in our factories and warehouses to our logistical partners; everybody values the focus on quality and service, and the personal approach of working that Rymax represents for over 30 years.