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Endurox XLF SAE 10W/40

Full synthetic truck engine oil

Endurox XLF SAE 10W/40


  • ACEA E4
  • ACEA E6
  • ACEA E7
  • ACEA E9
  • API CJ-4
  • CUMMINS CES 20081
  • DAF HP-2
  • MAN 3271
  • MAN 3477
  • MAN M3575
  • M3271-1 (LPG and CNG)
  • MB 228.31
  • MB 228.51
  • MTU Type 2.1
  • MTU Type 3
  • MTU Type 3.1
  • Renault TRUCK RGD
  • Renault TRUCK RLD-2
  • Renault TRUCK RLD-3
  • Renault TRUCK RXD
  • Detroit Diesel 93K218


Commercial Transport, Agriculture, Mining

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  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Very high Viscosity Index and a high resistance against shearing.
  • Fast cold start properties which results in less wear due a stable lubricant film.
  • Very good Anti-Wear, Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Foam properties.
  • Great dispersant and detergent properties, which warrants a clean operation
  • Very good lubrication film at very high working temperatures


Endurox XLF is a synthetic heavy duty diesel engine oil developed to meet the requirements of modern European engines meeting the latest Euro 6 emission norms. This lubricant is formulated with premium quality base oil and advanced additives technology to offer superior engine and after treatment devices protection and significantly extended drain intervals, up to 120,000 km depending on which OEM. This oils meets the latest ACEA E6, E7 and E9 specifications and is suitable for severe duty applications and extended service life in most European Vehicles. It can be used where MB 228.51, Volvo VDS-4 or MAN M3477 is prescribed, but also many other OEM specifications.

This UHPD engine oil has exceptional anti-wear properties that provides enhanced protection against wear, corrosion and bore polish to ensure longer engine life. Mid SAPS technology allow a preservation and extended lifetime of Diesel Particle Filters (DPF) and Selective Catalyst Recirculation (SCR) devices. Excellent soot handling capability minimizes soot related wear and oil thickening and outstanding thermo-oxidative stability reduces sludge build-up & deposits and controls viscosity increase. Advanced detergency/ dispersancy results in cleaner engines and longer component life and excellent low temperature fluidity along with high temperature viscosity retention ensures highest degree of reliability even under severe operating conditions. Superior TBN retention property coupled with above features lead to significantly extended drain intervals.

Available in

  • 0.25L
  • 0.3L
  • 0.4L
  • 0.5L
  • 1L
  • 4L
  • 5L
  • 20L
  • 60L
  • 205L
  • 1000L
  • 0.4kgs
  • 18kgs
  • 180kgs

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