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Gasoline Performance Improver

Passenger Car

Gasoline Performance Improver

Improver, Reducer, Cleaner, Lubricator, Prevemter, Eliminator, Protector


Rymax Gasoline Performance Improver is a premium petrol additive designed to comprehensively clean your entire fuel system, including valves, carburettors burdened by dirt, and injectors hampered by clogs. This exceptional formula goes beyond cleaning by restoring both power and performance, revitalizing your vehicle's efficiency and ensuring optimal operation. **How to use?** This additive can be used in all gasoline (leaded or unleaded) engines with injectors or carburetor. Will not harm catalytic converters. **Direction** Pour one bottle into the fuel tank prior to refueling with petrol. **Dosage** One bottle treats 40 to 60 litres of gasoline. Normal use: one bottle every 2.000 km. Intensive or sportive use: one bottle for each tank filling.






  • **Comprehensive Cleaning:** Effectively cleans valves, carburetors, and injectors that are clogged or dirty.
  • **Enhanced Performance:** Restores power and overall engine performance.
  • **Corrosion Prevention:** Guards against corrosion within the fuel system.
  • **Smooth Operation:** Eliminates rough idling and engine hesitation for a smoother drive.
  • **Optimized Combustion:** Improves the combustion process for efficient engine operation.
  • **Fuel Efficiency:** Reduces gasoline consumption, leading to better fuel efficiency.
  • **Emission Reduction:** Minimizes the release of harmful exhaust gases for a cleaner environment.

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