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  • Morocco Desert Challenge Episode 1 – Stage 1: The Prologue

    Our first report from the Morocco Desert Challenge. Go Team Rymax!...


  • Calindax

    Calindax is a high performance grease based on lithium-calcium soap produced from highly refined oil mixture and high performance additives. Its formu...


  • How often do you check your Engine Oil?

    We recommend that you check and top-up your oil at least once a month, or before any long trip. Changes to engine oil should be undertaken at regular...


  • API Specification? This is how it works!

    The American Petroleum Institute, API, is a U.S.A trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. It reunites different actors in the producti...


  • ​ The Rymax Audi RS3 LMS in action!

    As you already saw on the Rymax Facebook and Instagram page our Rymax RS3 LMS already participated in some races with good results. On 22 & 23 July...


  • ACEA Specification? This is how it works!

    Specifications are important as these indicate the performance of the oil and whether they have met or passed the latest tests. There are two importan...


  • Hydra HT ECO

    Hydra HT ECO is a premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, using severely hydro-treated base oil and zinc-free additive technology. Thanks to its e...


  • Boreas PAO

    Boreas PAO represents Rymax continued leadership in producing exceptional performance compressor fluids. These are PAO based and ashless. The anti-wea...


  • What does 5W-30 actually mean?

    What does 5W-30 actually mean Not all of us get to service our own cars. In fact, most of us don’t even know what is under the hood of our car,...


  • Why Change Your Oil?

    Why change your oil? Oil is the life blood of your car. It keeps your engine lubricated and clean. Without oil, the metal parts of the engine will cr...


  • Blog


  • Endurox XLD Xxtra SAE 10W/40

    Endurox XLD Xxtra is a synthetic heavy duty diesel engine oil developed to meet the requirements of modern European engines meeting Euro 4 and 5 emiss...


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