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  • Mining

    As we work with different mining companies worldwide, we understand the value of fast service. Rymax guarantees direct contact with our experts in order to prevent every lubrication problem.

  • Transport

    Old, traditional and modern vehicles have been using Rymax Lubricants for years. Our experience in the field covers lubricants and all the other transport vehicle related products; gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, greases, brake fluids and coolants.

  • Motorcycle

    All Rymax small engine oils are available in mineral, semi-synthetic and full-synthetic grades and are designed to meet the latest international specifications like API and JASO.

  • Passenger Car

    As Rymax Lubricants we monitor the trends in the market closely, that is why we offer a wide range of lubricants which includes Fuel Economy products and low emission oils.

  • Agriculture

    Our experience in the field covers small individual farms up to enormous automated agricultural industries.

  • Marine

    The Rymax Marlub oils are formulated with high quality paraffinic base stocks and selected additives that provide excellent detergent, dispersant, anti-wear and oxidation resistant properties.

  • Racing

    The Rymax LeMans RS line is specially developed for driving in extreme conditions. The LeMans RS is a super high performance line of lubricants to perform and protect the engine under the most demanding conditions.

  • Industrial

    All Rymax industrial oils are of high quality, resulting in outstanding protection for the machines and reducing engine maintenance due to longer service life.

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