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  • Passenger Car

    The Rymax Passenger Car line is designed to meet internationally accepted standards and has several OEM approvals. Rymax Lubricants ensures that your engine, transmission, hydraulic system and other key components receive the optimum level of protection, lengthening component life and keeping down your costs of ownership.

  • Agriculture

    Our experience in the field covers small individual farms up to enormous automated agricultural industries.

  • Marine

    The Rymax Marlub oils are formulated with high quality paraffinic base stocks and selected additives that provide excellent detergent, dispersant, anti-wear and oxidation resistant properties.

  • Racing

    The Rymax Apollo R line is specially developed for driving in extreme conditions. The Apollo R is a super high performance line of lubricants to perform and protect the engine under the most demanding conditions.

  • Industrial

    All Rymax industrial oils are of high quality, resulting in outstanding protection for the machines and reducing engine maintenance due to longer service life.

  • Commercial Transport

    Rymax offers an extensive range of heavy-duty lubricants. The Rymax Commercial Vehicle range is designed to meet the latest ACEA and API specifications and also the requirements demanded by heavy-duty engines.

  • Motorcycle

    Motorcycle oils differ from that of passenger cars in many ways and are generally quite specific in terms of use or application. When both motorcycle and automobile engines are compared, piece by piece, a good picture of the differences can be seen as each engine is faced with lubrication challenges.

  • Mining

    As we work with different mining companies worldwide, we understand the value of fast service. Rymax guarantees direct contact with our experts in order to prevent every lubrication problem.

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