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Motorcycle oils differ from that of passenger cars in many ways and are generally quite specific in terms of use or application. When both motorcycle and automobile engines are compared, piece by piece, a good picture of the differences can be seen as each engine is faced with lubrication challenges. 

The properties that could be considered as major differences between motorcycles and passenger cars are listed below. These take into account the design factor which affects the lubrication requirements at the least. 

Key differentiating properties

  • Engine speed
  • Engine size
  • Compression ratio
  • Shared sump

Rymax Ensures

  • An extended highly specialized and up-to-date portfolio
  • A comprehensive line of 2-stroke engine oil, from mineral to full synthetic
  • A complete line of products for 4-stroke engines
  • Chain oils, greases and maintenance products
  • Several other oils and fluids for motorcycles 

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