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At Rymax Lubricants we understand that your motorcycle is more than just a means of transport. It is a way of living that challenges you. When you are driving you need to be able to fully trust your bike. Therefore it is important all parts and components receive the best level of protection while extending component lifetime and keeping the cost of ownership down. That is why we have developed a range of lubricants specially designed for motorcycles that lets you focus on enjoying your bike.

Motorcycle oils differ from passenger cars oils in many ways and are generally quite specific in terms of use or application. When both motorcycle and passenger car engines are compared, a good picture of the differences can be seen as each engine is faced with its own lubrication challenges.

The key differentiating properties between motorcycles and passenger cars are:

  • Engine speed
  • Engine size
  • Compression ratio
  • Shared sum

Rymax Lubricants ensures:

  • An extended highly specialized and up-to-date product portfolio
  • A comprehensive line of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oils
  • Chain oils, greases, and maintenance products