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Our lubricants for transport vehicles go back a very long time. Old, traditional and modern vehicles have been using Rymax Lubricants for years. Our experience in the field covers not only the engine oils, but all transport vehicle related products; gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, greases, brake fluids, coolants, spray cans and even additives.

Today’s transport sector is a dynamic place. Truck and bus manufacturers, governments, additive manufacturers and oil companies all have a lot of influence in the lubricants that are being used in the vehicles. Being on top of of today’s and tomorrow’s market trends is important to us. This focus allows us to give precise and up-to-date advice.

Markets differ substantially in terms of transport lubricant specifications and regulations. The focus on Fuel Economy and Low Emission lubricants shift the current market needs from traditional to more modern standards. On top of this the product needs to give excellent engine performance. At Rymax Lubricants we monitor all these trends closely. Whether you are looking for an old type of gear oil, a grease for a dusty environment or a Low/mid SAPS engine oil, we can supply you with the right product to solve your lubrication problem.

“Our lubricants make sure that your whole transport fleet will keep on going”

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