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Team & Partners

Team improvement is what is at the heart of the Rymax family. With a focus on conscious hard work and ambitious fair play, we challenge what we are doing today, so we can improve for tomorrow.

Worldwide Network

Although Rymax Lubricants is located in Holland, you will rarely find the whole team here. Spending time with our partners is important to us as we believe that success is only created together. Spending time together, exploring markets, and building relationships is at the core of growing our brand. If we are not on location, we are giving online trainings, having brainstorm sessions and are strategizing via video calls.

Every other year we bring our entire network together during the Rymax Experience, an event in which we spend several days learning, connecting, and sharing. The Rymax Experience is all about connecting our global network, sharing best practices, and fostering the growth and development of the Rymax brand worldwide. During this event we provide hands-on tools, inspirational success stories, and strategic insights into the future of Rymax. With a focus on sales, marketing, and product information, we make sure our partners have all the right tools to grow their business.

Being present in more than 55 countries worldwide requires a dynamic organization. The Rymax Team is very diverse, originating from different countries, speaking multiple languages, and coming from different backgrounds. This diversity makes us have a wide perspective on the world and gives us an open-minded attitude.

Rymax Partner Portal & Brand Centre

The Rymax Partner Portal is an online community where distributors connect and share with other partners. Here they post updates such as a new sponsorship, a fair they attended, or a shop that received a Rymax makeover. Besides this, they can find and download various recourses such as marketing tips, social media images, product catalogues, approvals, certificates, stock lists, and promotional items.

The Rymax Brand Centre is a place to access and download logos, images, and templates. It contains all the essential information to the Rymax brand; from the fonts we use to our tone-of-voice. All brand guidelines and assets can be found here so it is always ready to use. By making sure the brand guidelines are followed we can make sure the brand has a strong presence and is represented consistently around the world.

Our Team

Erik Vermeer

Commercial Director

Wouter Cuppen

Managing Director

Herman Peene

Executive Advisor

Daniel Struijk van Bergen

Area Sales Manager

Théo Rouan

Area Sales Manager

Cristina Odai

Area Sales Manager

Pedro Marques

Area Sales Manager

Coralie Bleumink

Account and Project Manager

Jan-Pieter Doove

Marketing Manager

Krishna Kumar Orakkan

Product Manager

Pieter Lenting

Graphic Designer

Anamika Shah

Online Marketing & Social Media

Boet Elfvering

Sales & Marketing support

Lilian van der Roest

Customer Service

Stefan Reijnders

Customer Service

Gijs Ten Elshof

Customer Service

Hans Stienissen

Customer Service

Marije Nijland

Finance & Administration

Elly Hendriksen