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Mining and Tunnelling

Have you already seen our publication in the Mining and Tunnelling magazine?

WE ARE We are an independent lubricants company from the Netherlands, with over 25 years of experience in the field of lubricants. We understand more than any other company, the importance of high quality lubrication in every industry and for every application.

MINING In the mining industry, lubricants play a crucial role in maintaining the endurance of all parts and components. We have established long term relationships with some of the biggest mines around the world, where we deliver the right lubricant for all applications to ensure that all the mining processes run smoothly.

LUBRICANTS Our Rymax products provide your equipment with the correct lubricant, which will improve your productivity and deliver sustainable long term benefits. We offer an extended, highly specialized product portfolio, products with long change over intervals, together with outstanding customer service support and important short delivery times. Our product portfolio consist of high quality mineral and synthetic lubricants and greases. All Rymax products are formulated to provide unique advantages with enhanced benefits, such as: longer in-service life, low energy consumption, excellent fluidity and pump ability, outstanding load and shock capability.

Visit or contact our mining experts should you need any advice or information about our products and applications.

“We don’t just sell lubricants, we provide you with the optimum lubrication solution.”

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