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Rymax partnering with Gatebil, the biggest festival for carlovers in Scandivia

We are proud to announce that Rymax will be sponsoring the Gatebil festivals for the coming years! Gatebil is the biggest and most famous festival in Scandinavia where an entire weekend is focused on cars. In 2018, Rymax was present at one of Gatebil’s festivals with Rymax brand ambassador Fredric Aasbø. The spirit of the festival, the atmosphere, and all the carlovers present at this event were so impressive and in line with the Rymax brand values that a partnership seemed like a natural thing to do.

Rymax owner and passionate race driver, Herman Peene: Gatebil is one of the most surprising car events I have ever been to. It is a place where car enthusiasts meet, wrench and drive. A place where genuine carlovers meet. Not only to compete but also to talk about cars for hours. And that is what we live for at Rymax! I have yet to get the right car to participate myself in either the extreme or drift series. Especially for the drift session I need a lot of practice. The level is so high that it humbles many who thought quite big of themselves. But most skills can only be improved by hard work and practice. That I am not afraid of. If I am able to hit the track without making a fool out of myself anywhere soon remains to be seen...”

Gatebil is the perfect location to put the Rymax racing products from the R-line to the test during the extreme conditions on the track. During the festival weekend many racing series will take place, both for amateurs and professional race drivers. Cars can be driven on the track in 3 classes: straight line with no drift, open line with some drift but not all around the track, and drift line which is an open track for drift cars.

Gatebil Extreme is Gatebil’s own racing series with two sub competitions, Time Attack and Race. All types of cars can participate. Some are built in home garages, others are expensive professional race cars, of which some have engines with more than 1.000 horsepower.

Gatebil Drift Series is a professional series consisting of 25 of the best drivers from Norway and Sweden. All the cars have an international top standard, and they are giving the visitors at Gatebil a taste of world-class drifting.

The Powerslide Competition is a competition where all cars driving at Gatebil have an opportunity to make a perfect slide through one of the longest turns on the track, one by one!

The Gatebil Super 3 is a fantastic and spectacular competition which only takes place at Rudskogen in July. Inspired from a unique drifting tradition, there will be three cars try driving as close as they can get to each other, driving on high speed and make a lot of smoke as a team. They do not compete against each other as in ordinary drifting competitions. Team Toyota, with Rymax Brand Ambassador Frederic Aasbø as team manager and one of their drivers, has won this competition every year.

Besides all this action on the track, there is enough to see off-track. At all the festivals there is a big exhibition area where all types of cars are showcased.

This year Gatebil will take place on the following dates:

  • 24-26 May – Vålerbanen, Norway
  • 14-16 June – Mantorp Park, Sweden (Main festival Sweden)
  • 12-14 July – Rudskogen, Norway (Main festival Norway)
  • 23-25 August – Rudskogen, Norway
  • 27-29 September – Mantorp Park, Sweden