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In Rwanda people consider a car as their mean of transport, only few rich people consider buying nice cars as leisure, ambition or just their way of living a luxurious life.

In Rwanda as most African countries people would rather hire someone to wash their cars every morning at their homes rather than taking their cars to a nice carwash, only companies that have public transport cars and few people who can afford it take their cars to professional car wash.

The most popular brand is Toyota. About 85% of the cars is Toyota and the rest is Mercedes Benz, Suzuki, VW, and Hyundai. So when it comes to sports cars most people own Toyota, and when it comes racing games or other street games people use old cars of any brand and pimp them by giving me the cars other sort of designs and replacing few damaged materials in order to ride them, I don’t know why but people don’t like to use new cars .

I think the future looks better for the automotive market in Rwanda, we have a new Volkswagen mobile solution, where VW cars are assembled in Rwanda in order to completely reduce the purchase of second hand cars, we also have Hyundai and Toyota Rwanda, where you will find 0Km/h cars fresh from the factory, so that’s progress for Rwanda.

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