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The Rymax Lubricants Apollo R line is our premium line of engine oils. Apollo R products are developed for race engines for on- and off-road racing. These products provide an extremely rapid and stable lubricant film at cold start and maintain their strong lubricating film even when the engine is stressed to its limits. The Apollo R line provides a complete package for race car drivers with engine oils, gear oils, and brake fluids all developed for maximum racing performance. 

The Apollo R Line has been tested extensively in the field and is designed to generate maximum horsepower and ultimate protection of the engine under extreme circumstances. Next to the Apollo R engine oils we have also introduced racing gear oils, racing brake fluids, and racings oils for motorcycles. All racing lubricants are recognizable by the ‘R’ on the label.

Rymax Lubricants ensures:

  • Superior performance and maximum protection in high-performance and racing applications
  • Excellent viscosity control and low volatility
  • Exceptional protection under extreme heat
  • Optimal low temperature capabilities providing an easy start and instant lubrication under all climatological conditions
  • Exceptional thermal and shear stability, maintaining its viscosity during service life.