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Passenger Car

The Rymax Lubricants passenger car line is developed to meet internationally accepted and required standards such as ACEA, API, and ILSAC. The products meet all important OEM requirements from major brands like VW, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Renault, GM, Chrysler, Volvo, BMW, Toyota, and Porsche. Multiple of the Rymax passenger car products also have specific OEM approvals. Rymax Lubricants ensures that your engine, transmission, hydraulic system, and other key components receive the best level of protection while extending component lifetime and keeping the cost of ownership down.

The oils are divided into different technology groups to meet the requirements of modern and older cars:

  • Platinum line: The Premium Line consists of Rymax Apollo R products. The Rymax Apollo R line is our premium line of engine oils. Apollo R products are developed for race engines for on- and off-road racing. These products provide an extremely rapid and stable lubricant film at cold start and maintain their strong lubricating film even when the engine is stressed to its limits. The Apollo R line provides a complete package for race car drivers with engine oils, gear oils, and brake fluids all developed for maximum racing performance. 
  • Gold line: Our full synthetic Gold Line answers to the needs of modern vehicles, focussing on extended drain intervals, fuel economy, and cleaner combustion. The latest generation of passenger cars require lubrication products that meet many specific performance levels. Our state-of-the-art additive technology makes them especially suitable for engines with after-treatment devices (AdBlue) by for example minimizing SAPS (ACEA-C sequences).
  • Silver line: This line of products is designed for the most modern diesel and gasoline passenger cars without after-treatment devices. It combines semi synthetic and full synthetic products with different performance levels. A long service life and maximum protection are guaranteed. 
  • Bronze line: The Bronze Line of Rymax Lubricants is developed for older cars and light commercial vehicles that require older specifications and that are built without modern engine technology. The Bronze Line offers mineral and semi synthetic blends for traditional gasoline and diesel engines.

From a race truck in the desert to a drift car on the track: Our products are tested by professionals in the field to ensure they can withstand the most extreme circumstances.

Rymax Lubricants ensures:

  • High-performance engine oils 
  • Outstanding fuel economy
  • Long drain intervals
  • Low emissions
  • Maximum protection against wear 
  • Excellent lubrication at both high and low temperatures