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Working together

Sustainable relationships are at the core of success of the Rymax brand. That is why we carefully select our partners to collaborate with. In order to reach full potential, we need to make sure we share the same vision. Benefitting of this synergy is what will lead to great achievements.

Do you want to start working together and become part of this fast-growing brand? From experience, we have learned that companies with the following characteristics are a good match and are successful with launching Rymax in their market:

You and your team are not afraid of a challenge and you believe that stepping out of your comfort zone is what leads to great achievements. Your company is already active in the lubricant market or another related market and you have a sales and marketing team at your disposal. You are able to deliver to the automotive, transport, and the industrial industry. You are committed to obtaining a realistic market share by investing in stock, training of your employees, and the marketing of the products. You are willing to focus on making Rymax a success in your market so you can be rewarded as an exclusive distributor in your country.

Do you believe we can conquer your market together? Become a distributor and join the global Rymax family.