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​How to use Rymax Brake Cleaner

How to use Rymax Brake Cleaner

Did you know that the total cost of ownership of your car is as follow 40 % goes on the initial purchase, 40 % on maintenance and 20 % on insurance?

When you do a lot of car maintenance yourself you probably used a Brake Cleaner spray once in a while. But how should you use this spray exactly? Let us explain.

Once you've removed the tire, hold the can about a foot to 2 feet (0.3 to 0.6 meters) away from the brakes. Then start spraying at the top of the brake parts moving downward. This will wash the dust, dirt and other contaminates down and away from the brake part.

Give it a little time to do its work. The cleaner slowly gets into the crevices of the brake parts where the grease, oil, leaked brake fluid and any other grime that shouldn't be on the brakes will be loosened up by the cleaner and start to wash away. Determined areas may need a second application to ensure that everything has been removed. Once you're done spraying, wipe it area clean with a clean cloth and let it dry. Be sure to properly collect and dispose of the used brake cleaner.

With its easy application and minimal amount of preparation and clean-up time, it can be a quick fix for a dirty braking mechanism!

Check the specifications of the Rymax Brake Cleaner here.

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